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Masonry buildings are oldest and traditional building types. Because of vertical loads and horizontal loads such as earthquake transported by walls masonry buildings quite economical compared to concrete and steel buildings. Masonry elements are less ductile than steel or concrete elements so their seismic energy absorption capacity is lower. For example , seismic forces can be reduced with R=8 coefficient , but Project made with high ductility level can act like building with normal ductility level ( R=4) due to mergence and application errors. And that’s makes building designed with 100 ton horizontal force to get 200 tons load. Masonry buildings earthquake force reduced by a R=2 factor. The ductility and strength of building can be increased with vertical bond beams in the buildings corner or wall intersections.

Masonry buildings are very sensitive to seismic forces , because of that wall elements with high or low seismic ( shear) strength aganist the effects of vertical load , wall neighboring windows with low height which cause short colomn effect makes them get a lot of seismic force which requires unique calculations.

     Modeling done with StatiCAD-Yigma also have buildings static calculations according to earthquake regulations with slab calculations, which make sure building also resistance aganist earthquake. Buildings with insufficient components shown in graphical interface with different color according to failure status..

Horizontal bond beams and loads transfer from upper floors to lower floor walls done in sensetive manner. Seismic loads which effects floors automatically determined according to building floor weight. Shear stress safety calculated separately for each wall depending on the vertical load.

Loads are transferred from walls to foundation and foundation ground safety and foundation section capacity will be verified and reported.

Program can prepare project drawings and project cover together in one step.

Building can be strengthened with steel mesh and shotcrete. Program calculates static reinforcement requirements for steel mesh.

Masonry buildings need all the calculations and verifications that prescribed in seismic regulations to be resistant to earthquakes. StatiCAD-Yigma automatically calculates all the necessary verifications in a very detailed way. 7